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On January 1, 2014 Iowa implemented the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan (IHAWP). IHAWP expands coverage for low income Iowans through two new programs: The Marketplace Choice and the Wellness Plan. As a part of both the Wellness Plan and the Marketplace Choice Plan, enrollees are encouraged to participate in an HBI (Healthy Behaviors Incentive) program involving three components: 1) a wellness exam and health risk assessment (HRA), 2) provider incentives, and 3) healthy behaviors. The program is designed to encourage enrollees to take an active part in maintaining their health and to promote accountability among enrollees, but the combination of a general lack of awareness and understanding about the program at the enrollee and provider level have stunted the program’s ability to achieve significant participation in the first phase.


Iowa's Healthy Behaviors Incentive (HBI) Program

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At head of title: Interim report.

Interviewers and coders contributed to this evaluation are the following: Samanth Budzyn, Patrick Brady, Mayra Martinez, Chris Meiser, Chad Norris, Nodia Sabbagh, Blake Smith, and Rosemond Smith.


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