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This report presents the results of a special project of the hawk-i program. Enrollment and health care encounter data for calendar year 2001 were used to determine the prevalence of ADHD diagnosis in the hawk-i population by age and gender of the child, to establish baseline demographic information regarding children with a diagnosis of ADHD, and to evaluate the utilization of behavioral and emotional health care services by children with ADHD. This research effort was sponsored by the Iowa Department of Human Services at the direction of the hawk-i Board of Directors and the Iowa Legislature. Data for the analyses were provided by MAXIMUS, the fiscal intermediary during calendar year 2001. Data analysis and production of this report were completed by researchers at the University of Iowa Public Policy Center. None of the results express any opinions of the Iowa Department of Human Services, the hawk-i program, the participating health plans, or the University of Iowa. This project was not sponsored or conducted by the individual health plans providing services to hawk-i enrollees. The conclusions are the independent products of university research and do not necessarily reflect the views of the funding agency.

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