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This report is the City of Iowa City’s Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing, required by the US Department of Housing & Urban Development. The report is based on review and analysis of relevant public policies and practices, census information and census data-based mapping, Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data, surveys and interviews with people involved in all aspects of fair housing. The report identifies four impediments to fair housing choices and provides recommendations to overcome them. Overall, the City of Iowa City is actively trying to further fair housing choice for all.

This study was conducted by the Housing and Land Use Policy program of the University of Iowa’s Public Policy Center, using quantitative and qualitative research techniques to examine a variety of local housing issues within City of Iowa City. Special attention was given to statistical data associated with population, household income, race, residents, citizens with disabilities, and family status in an effort to understand the current demographic conditions in the city. A number of housing issues associated with lending for housing, segregation by class, accessibility and visibility were also examined to understand social and economic issues that may influence a person’s ability to secure fair access to housing.


Discrimination in housing, Fair housing, Segregation in housing, Iowa City

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At head of title: Final draft, February 2014.


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