Presidential Lecture series

The Presidential Lecture series provides an opportunity for distinguished members of the faculty to present significant aspects of their work to members of the University community and to the general public. The University has established this annual series to encourage intellectual communication among the many disciplines that constitute the University of Iowa, and to provide a public forum for University scholarship, research, and creative achievement. The series is made possible through the generosity of donors of unrestricted gifts to the University of Iowa Foundation. See Guide to the Presidential Lectures Collection (RG01.0011.005) for additional information.


Submissions from 2019


Violence Against Women: The Hidden Figures, Karen Heimer

Submissions from 2017


What Goes Around, Comes Around: The Global Reach of Air Pollution, Gregory Carmichael

Submissions from 2016


No Harm, No Foul: In Search of a Principled Defense of Freedom, Richard Fumerton

Submissions from 2015


Food, Culture and Community, Linda Snetselaar

Submissions from 2014


What Made It So Exciting?, Alan MacVey

Submissions from 2013


Leading in the New Wave of Change, Sara Rynes

Submissions from 2012


Paper, Scissors, Ash: Defaced Books and the House of Fiction, Garrett Stewart

Submissions from 2011

Genes as Medicine: Molecular Therapy Comes of Age, Beverly Davidson

Submissions from 2010


Being Here, Marilynne Robinson

Submissions from 2009


From the Dawn of Space to the Edge of the Solar System, Donald A Gurnett

Submissions from 2008

Art and the Constitution, Randall P Bezanson

Submissions from 2007

Molecular Basis of Muscular Dystrophy and Approaches to Therapy, Kevin P Campbell

Submissions from 2006

Paradoxes of Legislatures, Gerhard Loewenberg

Submissions from 2005

Seeing War at a Distance: Photography from Antietam to Abu Ghraib, Kenneth Cmiel

Submissions from 2004


The Epsilon-Delta Blues: Math at the Crossroads, Phil Kutzo

Submissions from 2003

Beauty and Meaning in Music...Lend Me Your (Bionic) Ears, Kate Gfeller

Submissions from 2001


Fascinations With the Human Voice, Ingo Titze

Submissions from 1994

The Pathway of Discovery in Pursuit of a Genetic Disease, Michael J Welsh

Submissions from 1991


A Poetry Reading, Jorie Graham

Submissions from 1984


The Onward Way, Sherman Paul