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Case Report


Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science

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DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

Session and Year of Graduation

Fall 2019


Frey Law, Laura


Background: Dynamic hip screw (DHS) fixation is commonly used in the elderly population to manage intertrochanteric fractures. Additionally, it is regularly used in the adolescent population as a treatment for aneurysmal bone cysts. However, the physical therapy management and outcomes of adolescents following DHS fixation has not previously been researched, especially in a population desiring to return to high level, sport participation. Purpose: The purpose of this case study is to describe the physical therapy management and outcomes of an adolescent male following DHS fixation to treat a large aneurysmal bone cyst with a primary goal of returning to basketball. Case Description: A 14-year-old male presented to physical therapy approximately 8 weeks following left DHS fixation. The patient exhibited significantly impaired left lower extremity strength, stability, and balance that limited his functional activity. The deficits also prevented his participation in recreational activity, such as sport competition. Interventions: The patient underwent approximately 6 months of outpatient physical therapy 2 times per week. The patient progressed through three phases of rehabilitation: strength and balance, plyometrics, and sport specific activities. Outcomes: At six months, the patient exhibited restored left lower extremity strength and balance, compared to the right. He ambulated with no gait deviations and performed several return to sport tests on his affected lower extremity at or near a 10% difference of his unaffected. Discussion: Due to the patient’s progression in physical therapy, he was cleared to return to high school basketball with no restrictions. This case outlines the management and outcomes of one adolescent male following DHS fixation, with a goal of returning to high school athletics.


Dynamic hip screw fixation; aneurysmal bone cyst; physical therapy; rehabilitation; return to sport


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