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Case Report


Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science

Degree Name

DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

Session and Year of Graduation

Fall 2017


Laura Frey Law


Background: Meniscal and cartilage injuries account for one the greatest amount of average missed time in professional baseball. Blood flow restriction (BFR) therapy may be a beneficial intervention in post-surgical patients to stimulate hypertrophy and strength gain while minimizing unnecessary stress on the surgical area and help facilitate a quick return to sport. The purpose of this case report is to examine the current evidence on the topic of BFR training and demonstrate the use of the intervention in a professional baseball setting. Case Description: The report follows a 19-year-old professional baseball pitcher following a meniscectomy. Intervention: A ten-week rehabilitation progression highlighting the use of BFR therapy in conjunction with conventional physical therapy. Outcomes: Following the ten-week progression range of motion in the right knee was measured at 0-145, this was equal when compared to the uninvolved side. The athlete’s quadriceps and hamstring strength, single leg hop, and triple hop test were all found to be greater than 95% of the uninvolved limb. Discussion: This case study demonstrates the safe use of blood flow restriction therapy in a professional baseball setting and suggests it may be a beneficial adjunct to conventional therapy in this type of patient and injury.


Orthopedic & Sports


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