Document Type

Case Report


Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science

Degree Name

DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

Session and Year of Graduation

Fall 2019


Frey Law, Laura


Background: Brown Sequard Syndrome is a rare form of incomplete spinal cord injury resulting from a lateral hemi section of the spinal cord. This disorder is most well-known for its unique presentation of loss of motor control and fine touch ipsilaterally to the lesion, and temperature and pain sense contralaterally. Patients rehabilitating from Brown Sequard Syndrome have an excellent potential for functional recovery. However, there is a limited quantity of literature concerning the role of outpatient physical therapy in helping patients regain their prior level of function. The purpose of this case report is to outline the clinical decision-making process in the later stages of recovery with the intention of helping a patient achieve their individualized goals in an outpatient physical therapy setting. Case Description: The patient is a 69-year-old male who was diagnosed with Brown Sequard Syndrome after waking up in the middle of the night with numbness, tingling, and a loss of motor control. He underwent extensive therapy in both inpatient and outpatient therapy setting to return to safely ambulating around obstacles and playing golf. Outcomes: Manual muscle tests, the Dynamic Gait Index, and Berg Balance Scale were used to evaluate the patient’s progress along with qualitative observations and subjective reports. Discussion: Over the course of 13 months the patient was able to return to his prior level of function and achieve his personal and physical therapy goals. During this time, he underwent individualized interventions aimed at addressing the interaction between his impairments and activity limitations in a safe and progressive manner. This case provides information on potential strategies to progress patients recovering from Brown Sequard Syndrome and contributes to the current understanding of the expected recovery of functional skills in this patient population.


Physical Therapy; Rehabilitation; Brown-Sequard Syndrome; Golf, Functional Activities; Balance; Community Dwelling Older Adults


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