"The New Economic Voter” Shambaugh conference brings together scholars to discuss the current standing of theory and findings in the field of economic voting. The immediate stimulus for the gathering is the new work Professor Lewis-Beck and various co-authors have been carrying out on economic voting in the United States and comparatively. This work, which takes economic voting analysis in new directions, has begun to appear in the journals. These efforts provide a launch for a broader debate. While the notion of economic voting has been around for some time, the old paradigm is being strained by fresh ways of thinking about economics and elections. The prevailing valence idea of economic voting is incomplete, in multiple ways. Scholars from various economic voting perspectives, old or new but always fresh, have been invited to attend as conference participants. The participants will make formal presentations; and these papers will form the basis of an edited collection.

Invited Participants

Eric Bélanger

McGill University

Paolo Bellucci

University of Siena

Ross Burkhart

Boise State University

Harold Clarke

University of Texas at Dallas

Eva Coffey

University of Houston

Raymond Duch

Oxford University

Christine Fauvelle-Aymar

University of Tours

Martial Foucault

University of Montreal

Marta Fraile

CSIC, Institute of Public Goods & Policies (IPP), Spain

François Gelineau

Laval University

D. Roderick Kiewiet

California Institute of Technology

Marina Costa Lobo

University of Lisbon

Johan Martinsson

University of Gothenberg

Richard Nadeau

University of Montreal

Helmut Norpoth

State University of New York, Stony Brook

Mary Stegmaier

University of Missouri

Randy Stevenson

Rice University

Guy D. Whitten

Texas A&M University

Laron Williams

University of Missouri

University of Iowa Participants

Michael Lewis-Beck

Department of Political Science

Kelly Kadera

Department of Political Science

Caroline Tolbert

Department of Political Science

Nicholas Martini

Department of Political Science

Graduate Assistants

Allison Hamilton, Department of Political Science

Spencer Willardson, Department of Political Science

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