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Spring 4-14-2017


This study examined the specific music information needs, behaviors, and activities of individuals from the University of Iowa School of Music. It also aimed to evaluate the ability of the music library and university catalog system (InfoHawk+) to fulfill their music information needs.

In the first phase of the study, I distributed a survey to individuals of the School of Music and individuals who entered Rita Benton Music Library. In the second phase of the study I interviewed five individuals from the School of Music.

This study found that while most individuals find the catalog to be easy to use, they unanimously agree that for best results, changes are required for the metadata and interface portions of the catalog system. While individuals consult a variety of materials in their search for music information, the results confirm music scores as being the most significantly used format by music information seekers. In addition, music performance is the most popular motivator of music information. Finally, this study illuminated a variety of trends, gaps, and opportunities for future music library service musicians.

While the results of this study are unique to the institution, they will help further knowledge in the field and provide relevant guidelines for other similar music information studies. The results of study also provide valuable feedback useful in guiding and enhancing future services and collection development at the Rita Benton Music Library.


information behavior, library science, music resources, musicians, catalog


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