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Spring 4-12-2017


This poster reports on an exploratory study of the information behavior of mild to moderate mentally ill people in inpatient settings and in public libraries. Its goal is to show how these libraries can address the information needs of mentally ill people. The data for this study consist of scholarly works on bibliotherapy; a review of other patient oriented services for people with mental illness in public libraries in the US, as well as the 2000 International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) Guidelines for Libraries Serving Hospital Patients and the Elderly and Disabled in Long-term Care Facilities, and the ASCLA 2007 Guidelines for Library Services for People with Mental Illnesses. As there have been successful uses of bibliotherapy for those with mental illness in hospital settings and public libraries (especially in Great Britain), this study recommends more extensive and sustained use of bibliotherapy in the United States. The poster concludes that appropriate materials, activities, and staffing of Patient Libraries and public libraries (including possible use of bibliotherapy) are key to adequately addressing the information needs of patrons with mental illness.


mental illness, public libraries, patient libraries, bibliotherapy, hospital libraries


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