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Communication in the sciences is becoming increasingly important. The public needs honest brokers of accurate scientific information to disseminate technical knowledge and evidence-based solutions for complex problems. This project, a collection of science stories for a broad audience, began with the goal to infuse society with accurate scientific information in a language salient for a general audience. These stories are a collection of conversations about scientific research and translations of peer-reviewed, technical publications to reach non-scientist audiences. The collection, Conversations about Research at the University of Iowa, gives much-needed recognition of the research done in a range of departments at the University of Iowa, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Medicine, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Management Sciences. The research represented in these stories covers a plethora of topics, including stem cells and stroke, an algorithm to predict box office movie success, online advertisement blockers, Parkinson’s disease and deep brain stimulation, mathematical modeling of myeloma and osteoarthritis, the physics behind improved light-emitting diodes, freshwater mussels as a defense against nitrogen pollution, and numerous other captivating research projects conducted at the University of Iowa.

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Additional Files

Just_Nitrogen_Ammunition_Remediation.pdf (6159 kB)
UIowa researchers address ammunition detoxification and nitrogen polution

Ankrum_MSC_Therapy.pdf (41 kB)
Toward and off-the-shelf therapy for stroke: Cells in a freezer

Ayati_Math_Story.pdf (40 kB)
UIowa mathematicians model osteoarthritis to predict treatment effects

Bipolar_Article.pdf (44 kB)
Study reveals genetic links to bipolar autism

Cancer_Moonshot_Article.pdf (3632 kB)
Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers participate in moonshot summit

Ice_Bucket_ALS_Article.pdf (49 kB)
Ice bucket challenge funds major ALS research finding

Kohen_Enzyme_Study.pdf (553 kB)
New study of FDTS enzyme pathway identifies new target for antibiotics

LashAndZhao_Box_Office_Profit_Prediction.pdf (50 kB)
Predicting box office movie profitability using data analytics

Narayanan_Parkinsons_Story.pdf (42 kB)
Parkinsons' researchers develop treatments through neural circuits

PhysicsStory_Prineas.pdf (755 kB)
Physicists make more efficient infrared LEDs

Shafiq_web_security_June_2016.pdf (55 kB)
Research on ad blockers and Facebook "like farms" takes aim at web security