The Design Portfolios Community for the Department of Theatre Arts Design Program at the University of Iowa

The primary focus for the Department of Theater Arts is the development of new plays. This dynamic process of building new work demands a specific kind of designer: an artist with the visual fluency and the flexibility to communicate evocatively and effectively, an acute intellect able to analyze the structure of a script as it is formed, and an adventurer with courage enough to trust that the collaborative process will lead to an exciting destination.

D.folio is a repository for the production designs created by students throughout their training. Our students dominantly in 3 venues within the Theatre Building, but also in Space Place (for Dance) and site specific venues around campus. This Community of designs also captures key projects from the student’s studio courses.

The goal of D.folio is to go beyond a handful of finished production photos as a form of archiving the hundreds of hours of work spent by designers on these projects. The D.folio strives to share our designer’s research, artistry, process, and analysis of their work.


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