Each year, up to 18 productions have support from design students at the University of Iowa. Whereas not all of them are represented here, this year-by-year breakdown allows the viewer to capture an understanding of the range and accomplishment that the department and/or a specific design student has achieved in a given year.

The designs and/or design concepts represented on this site are the product of the designers listed in the credits. The intention of this presentation is to offer a pictorial resume to advance the career of the designers listed. All rights and ownership of the designs and/or design concepts are and shall remain the property of the designer and may not be copied, reproduced or in any way used without the express written permission of the designer.


Designs from 2020

Faculty/Graduate Dance Concert 2020, William Borich

Hit the Wall, Courtney Gaston

Marat's Dead, Courtney Gaston

Hit the Wall, Chelsea Regan

Light in the Piazza, Chelsea Regan

Designs from 2019

Orlando, William Borich

Petrasonic, William Borich

The Wolves, William Borich

Undermining Fine, William Borich

Seven Spots on the Sun, Akeem Celestine

Come & Go Project, Courtney Gaston

Faculty/Grad Dance 2019, Courtney Gaston

Love + Information, Courtney Gaston

Media Clown, Courtney Gaston

POLARIS: An Expansion Tragedy Pack, Courtney Gaston

SOFA, Courtney Gaston

Sunday in the Park with George, Courtney Gaston

Sweat, Courtney Gaston

The Social Media Project, Courtney Gaston

Mirror Mirror, Perfected, Lindsey LaRissa Kuhn

Sunday in the Park with George, Lindsey LaRissa Kuhn

2 PM in Faith, Nebraska, Chelsea Regan

Love and Information, Chelsea Regan

Media Clown, Chelsea Regan

MERRILY, Chelsea Regan

Bell at the Back of Her Throat, Zamora Simmons

Mask Design, Zamora Simmons

Orlando, Zamora Simmons

Sweat, Zamora Simmons

The Wolves, Zamora Simmons

Designs from 2018

A Kingdom Jack'd, William Borich

Hello, Dolly!, William Borich

The General Idea, William Borich

A Kingdom Jack'd, Akeem Celestine

HIR, Akeem Celestine

I Am Pretty Bird, Akeem Celestine

Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again, Akeem Celestine

Found, Courtney Gaston

Hello Dolly! Project, Courtney Gaston

Northanger Abbey, Courtney Gaston

Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again., Courtney Gaston

Shoe, Courtney Gaston

Found, Lindsey LaRissa Kuhn

Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again, Lindsey LaRissa Kuhn

Shoe, Lindsey LaRissa Kuhn

Age of Innocence, Chelsea Regan

Digital Media Design, Chelsea Regan

Follies, Chelsea Regan

Northanger Abbey, Chelsea Regan

The Book of Mormon, Chelsea Regan

The Flying Dutchman, Chelsea Regan

Visual Mixtape, Chelsea Regan

Wig Design, Chelsea Regan

By the Way, Meet Vera Stark, Hayley Ryan

Big Fish, Zamora Simmons

Figure Drawing, Zamora Simmons

Follies, Zamora Simmons

Love Bird, Zamora Simmons

Makeup Design, Zamora Simmons

Moon Over Buffalo, Zamora Simmons

Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England, Zamora Simmons

Shoe, Zamora Simmons

Wig Design, Zamora Simmons

Designs from 2017

The Dybbuk of Dachau, William Borich

GIRL: A Labyrinth Dark, Alex Casillas

Mr. Burns, a post-electric play, Alex Casillas

Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England, Akeem Celestine

bad things happen here..., Courtney Gaston

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Project, Courtney Gaston

Aurora Fra Bergen, or IBSANITY, Lindsey LaRissa Kuhn

Fun Home, Lindsey LaRissa Kuhn

The Outliers, Lindsey LaRissa Kuhn

The Dybbuk of Dachau, Chelsea Regan

The Crucible, Hayley Ryan

The Pirate Queen, Hayley Ryan

Mr. Burns, a post electric play, Nicholas Wilson

Designs from 2016

Hattie Mae's Juke Joint, Alex Casillas

Iphigenia Crash Land Falls on the Neon Shell That was Once her Heart (a rave fable), Alex Casillas

squeeze: A Motel Play, Alex Casillas

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, Alex Casillas

Nothing but Days, Akeem Celestine

Seed, Akeem Celestine

Great Emergencies, Hayley Ryan

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, Hayley Ryan

Baltimore, Nicholas Wilson

Great Emergencies, Nicholas Wilson

Designs from 2015

Hello, Dolly!, Alex Casillas

Interrupted, Alex Casillas

SOFA 2015, Alex Casillas

The Crucible, Alex Casillas

Cowboy Mouth, Hayley Ryan

Arcadia, Nicholas Wilson

Falls For Jodie, Nicholas Wilson

Trich, Nicholas Wilson

Designs from 2014

Come & Go, Alex Casillas