Mr. Burns, a post electric play


Mr. Burns, a post-electric play


Anne Washburn

Production Team

Director: Tlaloc Rivas

Scenic Design: Nic Wilson

Costume Design: Brittany Dee Bodley

Sound Designer: Jacob Sikorski

Stage Manager: Katy McGlaughlin


E.C. Mabie Theatre

Production Type

Main Stage


Spring 2017

Budget for this Design Area


Comments by the Designer

Mr. Burns was an exercise and exploration of many looks I could establish within the greater shell of the world I had created. Through flying scenery and actor manipulated set pieces this show required 8 distinct looks some of them varying greater than others. Thus, my goal in designing this show was to create a unit set and experiment with how much these elements can then transform the space.

Through this design I learned that large, sweeping gestures can manipulate a space just as effectively as removing similar gestures. Removing scenic elements and opening up the space can have as much meaning as adding additional scenery. This show, more than others in the past has reinforced the necessity to collaborate as closely as possible with other designers, the director as well as stage management to make the most out of scene changes. How, when and the quickness of scenic changes as well as the lighting to pull focus to specific areas can greatly enhance the perception of different looks and moods of the play.

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Copyright 2017 Nic Wilson

Additional Files

a1-nywilsn-burns.jpg (118 kB)
VectorWorks Models

a2-nywilsn-burns.jpg (124 kB)
Act One

a3-nywilsn-burns.jpg (114 kB)
Act Two, commerical

a4-nywilsn-burns.jpg (143 kB)
Act Two, episode rehearsal

a5-nywilsn-burns.jpg (159 kB)
Act Two, musical medley

a6-nywilsn-burns.jpg (101 kB)
Act Three, opening

a7-nywilsn-burns.jpg (122 kB)
Act Three, houseboat

a8-nywilsn-burns.jpg (131 kB)
Act Three, fight scene

a9-nywilsn-burns.jpg (129 kB)
Act Three, river event

a10-nywilsn-burns.jpg (167 kB)
Act Three, closing moment