Production Team

Installation Design: Alex Casillas and Angie Esposito

Lighting Designer: Alex Casillas

Composition: Jonah Elrod and Carlos Cotallo Solares

Projection Design: Angie Esposito


David Thayer Theatre


Fall 2015

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Comments by the Designer

A product of a collaborative performance course, Interrupted was a meditation on life’s unexpected occurrences. A multimedia performance that united elements of dance, theatre, projection, composition and installation art, Interrupted took shape in a series of vignettes that overlapped each other in an attempt to embody the spirit of interruption.

The lighting design for Interrupted was a collision of theatre, dance and experimental techniques. At one moment, we could be sitting in a look befitting of a runway show only to snap into a work light wash because the janitor came in at the wrong moment, taking us into his chapter. The glue that held what could have easily been an amalgamation of ill-fitting parts was held together by exactly what one would expect to be the downfall: complete inconsistency. An interruption of one vignette reset the world and revealed an opportunity to revel in new information while the ghost of the previous scene pangs in our ears, unfulfilled.

The collaboration process on Interrupted was very challenging. Impetus for a devised piece generally comes from artists of a like mind that agree on a story they are all interested in telling. In a class setting, this becomes a challenge because every student comes from a different angle and being the voice of reason and direction can be overwhelming. However, being a designer in this situation allows you to see a patchwork where others see disparity. This skill is not only useful, it is indispensable to the craft of design.

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