Come & Go Project


Come & Go


Samuel Beckett

Production Team

Class: Scene Design I

Professor: R. Eric Stone

Production Type

Class Project


Fall 2019

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Comments by the Designer

Come & Go is a play about secrets and past. Perhaps the past is too traumatic to remember or maybe no one knows how to approach the discussion at hand. My design for this text was inspired by the work of Teresita Fernández and her large-scale installations using natural elements.

Teresita Fernández is a contemporary artist living in New York City. Her artwork is best known for her large public installations and unconventional use of materials that often contain historical and cultural references. Many of her works focus on the natural world and different perceptions of it. Her artwork often plays with different surface textures and usually has both three-dimensional and two-dimensional components in order to capture the nature of the formless elements of fire, water, and air. This also allows her to play with optical illusion using depth, lighting, and motion.

Water and fire both consume and wash away the past in ways that can be both devastating and revitalizing. These two elements seem to work against each other, but in the end their powers are more similar than we often realize. Tapping into Fernández’s environmental messages, I have placed the scene in the aftermath of a forest consumed by fire and doused by water. The characters are seated on a fallen log that has the slightest hint of life beneath its scorched exterior while the remnants of the burning woods remain behind them. Water has washed through the area and functions as the main playing space beneath a canopy of falling rain and the wisps of smoke still trail into the sky above, giving the women much to reflect on as the wander away from their friends.

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