Faculty/Grad Dance 2019



Production Team

Choreographers: Eloy Barragán: AMASS and In the Other Side

Jessica Anthony: The Space You Leave Behind

Christopher-Rasheem McMillan: Quotidien’s Reprise

Armando Duarte: Baque

Alyssa Gersony: this hole that is a wall that is a well

Sarah Olson: On Forgiveness

Charlotte Adams: Nitty-Gritty

Kate Vincek: Portrait

Melinda Myers: I Assume You’re Assuming I’m Assuming

Stage Manager: Mariana Tejeda

Lighting Design: Courtney Gaston


Space Place

Production Type

Main Stage


Spring 2019

Budget for this Design Area


Comments by the Designer

I always enjoy lighting dance as it lends itself more to the abstract than the conventions of traditional theatre often require. It often feels as if I am painting with light. The Faculty/Grad Concert at the University was no different. Working with nine choreographers, I created a lighting design for the ten dance numbers within the concert. From the earthy and organic nature of Armando Duarte’s Baque to the clean, modern expositions of AMASS by Eloy Barragan.

Each number required a different approach and the integration of the choreographer’s vision with my own knowledge of dance lighting design. There was a heavy use of sidelight to highlight the dancers without lighting the floor which makes them appear as if they are floating across the stage. Vibrant colors that complement the costumes helped provide depth and definition from the back of the stage.

Tempo and timing of lighting changes and events is also essential when working with dance. My job is to enhance the piece, not distract from it. I listen to the music and move the lights as if they were connected to it. It is very important to me that lighting works with all of the other elements to create a fluid and cohesive dance; as with the dancers, the lights must be choreographed.

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