Love + Information


Love + Information


Caryl Churchill

Production Team

Director: Bo Frazier

Stage Manager: Spencer Clouse

Scenic Design: Emily Haywood

Costume Design: Chelsea June

Lighting Design: Emily Haywood

Media Design: Courtney Gaston & Kimberly Fain

Sound Design: Dakota Parobek


Theatre B

Production Type



Spring 2019

Budget for this Design Area


Comments by the Designer

Love + Information, written by Caryl Churchill, explores and examines the ways in which we communicate as humans. Written in a series of genderless conversations, the play can be cast and assembled with great flexibility which allows the creative team more freedom in discovering how to tell this story.

Our director wanted to focus on the ways in which technology enhance and interfere with communication. I created a series of animations that consisted of dialog from the text and placed it into text messages, snapchats, and internet conversations. It was then projected on a series of wall panels and a large plastic drop. Scene titles were also projected onto the set to indicate the mood or direction of the conversations.

Another aspect that we explored in this process was the concept of gender and the binary. Characters were clothed in ambiguous, non-gendered garments. A sequence of binary numbers was projected across the set for several transitions as the lines of communication began to breakdown. Binary is the language of technology and as it glitched and flickered upon the stage, it represented the basic language of our world and how easy it is to misinterpret.

In retrospect, the specificity that was needed in projecting entire scenes of text should have been more considered. The surfaces were not large enough to be read by every audience member and the plastic backdrop created problems with cleanness of projection. In the future, I will be more cognizant of the material on which I am projecting. While the mode of communication was effective, the execution could have served the text better. More careful examination of scenic elements and location would have been useful in understanding how the text was to be used and consumed. I think the most effective media-driven visual was the binary streams of numbers. On the plastic, they created an interesting texture and clear indication of the breakdown that was happening within the world. This production taught me to be more careful in my execution of media in the future.

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