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Spring 2018

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Follies is a musical that focuses on Follies showgirls reuniting in their old Broadway theatre before it is demolished. Together they perform old numbers, remember lost dreams, confront regrets, remember who they were before, and they became who they are. The show spans from the 1910s to the 1970s, as character see younger versions of themselves on stage while they look at their pasts.

I designed this show as a project in my Costume Design II class during my second semester of graduate school. A large part of this project was to dive deep into script analysis and character development through research. For me, I based a lot of my design off of ready wear and celebrity garments from the sixty-year span. A lot of my choices had to do with the economic and social status of characters along with how they act throughout the play. For example, Sally is a woman of the middle class, who is playful and unapologetically herself. These characteristics drew me to a bold and bright color, but a silhouette that could be readily available since she would not have the luxury of designer garments. Phyllis is another example, as a member of the upper class and carries herself very seriously. Her status drew me to the sleek lines of a well-tailored sparkling gown that was like many seen on red carpets in the 1970s, with a sleek updo to contain any sense of freeness that she had.

Overall this project helped me understand what goes into the choices we make as costume designers. It taught me how to consider all of the factors of a character, their financial status, their actions, their geological demographic, and how to apply that when researching and to final designs.

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