2 PM in Faith, Nebraska


2pm in Faith NE


KT Peterson

Production Team

Director: Lila Becker

Stage Manager: Jennifer Sandgathe

Scenic Designer: Richard LeMay

Costume Designer: Chelsea June Regan

Lighting Designer: Emily Haywood

Sound Designer: Dakota Parobek


Theatre B

Production Type

New Play Festival


Spring 2019

Budget for this Design Area


Comments by the Designer

2 PM in Faith, Nebraska debuted as part of the 2019 Iowa New Play Festival, written by KT Peterson. 2 PM in Faith, Nebraska, comedically follows a series of mysterious and magical events that occur in the modern day, fictious small town of Faith, Nebraska. These events lead the characters to question if they believed in magic and faith.

The costume design of this show focuses on the playful and funny lens that these characters look through while approaching serious questions. For this production I had to transform two actors into six different and unique characters. To create characters that were funny but could still have moments of seriousness, I focused on creating characters that the audience could laugh with rather than laugh at. To do this effectively, I had to examine what real people wear in Nebraska; what clothing is practical and how people present themselves in everyday small-town life. I also had the additional challenge of having two actors who played multiple characters of different ages and genders. This meant that every costume had to be easily identifiable so the audience could follow the plot. Once I understood how the costumes had to function, I was able to focus on the patterns and textures to give each character elements that were fun and unique. This helped bring back a sense of light heartedness to the characters.

To achieve this design, with my budget of $75, I took advantage of our items in stock, buying as little as possible, so I could spend the bulk of my budget on magnetic strip tape. Magnetic strip tape is a twill tape that has magnetics sewn into it. It can then be sewn onto garments to quick rig them. The advantages of this, are that it is easy to install, always in line, and can quickly close an open garment, and it can break away even faster. Having this as my method of quick rigging, made it easier to train my crew on how to perform these changes, extremely quickly as the actors ran about the stage.

Overall for this design, I created costumes that were real and relatable but had unique quirks to give each town member of Faith an interesting and fun look.

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