Falls For Jodie


Falls for Jodie


Eric Holmes

Production Team

Director: Ariel Francoeur

Scenic Designer: Nic Wilson

Costume Designer: Hiram Alexander Orozco

Lighting Designer: Cassie Malmquist

Stage Manager: Tim Mizones


Theatre B

Production Type



Spring 2015

Budget for this Design Area


Comments by the Designer

This design for me was an experiment in minimalism. My goal was to determine if a hotel room that would be from the mid to late 1970s be accurately portrayed onstage without all the set dressings and three walls that make up a traditional, realistic box set. In order to try and achieve this look, I spent the focus of the design in the paint treatment of the floor as well as finding dated, more period, furnishings from the prop warehouse. The floor treatment, coloring and pattern were all inspired by looking at linoleum floors from the 1970s. As furniture stock could be limited to in-house items, I used this chance to make the floor to really establish a sense of where we were in time.

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Copyright 2015 Nic Wilson

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Bellhop Consoles Hinkley

f2-nywilsn-jodie.jpg (98 kB)
Hinkley Composing Song for Jodie

f3-nywilsn-jodie.jpg (97 kB)
Full Stage Photo