Love and Information


Love + Information


Caryl Churchill

Production Team

Director: Bo Frazier

Stage Manager: Spencer Clouse

Scenic Designer: Emily Haywood

Costume Designer: Chelsea June Regan

Lighting Designer: Emily Haywood

Media Designer: Courtney Gaston and Kimberly Fain

Sound Designer: Dakota Parobek


Theatre B

Production Type



Spring 2019

Budget for this Design Area


Comments by the Designer

Love and Information was a part of the 2018/2019 Gallery Series, written by Caryl Churchill. The show is a series of 57 vignettes featuring more than 100 characters, who are attempting to understand their own realities, process information, and explore how meaning is created in our social media, non-binary contemporary culture.

The costume design of this show focused on created designs for the 12 actors that were not character specific and functioned as a canvas for the actors to form their multitude of characters on. To achieve this, I wanted to keep the costume monotone and only use shades of grey and black. This would allow the show to seamlessly transition from one vignette to another because the lighting would quickly and easily change the mood and tone of the stage picture. Since I was limiting my color palate so drastically, I wanted to create variety with texture and silhouette. I also used garments with different sheens to help create dimension within the design. All of the pieces in the show were pulled from our stock, as I had a budget of zero dollars.

Another big element of this design was the actor’s makeup. Regardless of the actors’ gender, I wanted them to wear makeup that would accentuate center features, whether it be their lips, their eyes, or their face shape. The lighting and media design influenced this choice for me, as the actors would often have up lighting on them from specials or cellphones, deepening the shadows on their faces. They also have media being projected on top of them during transitions and I wanted their faces to stand out, no matter the conditions they were under.

Overall for this design, I created costumes that did not confine the actors to one character but were versality enough to have the qualities of different characters while still feeling like a unified whole.

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