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Fall 2018

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As part of my Master of Fine Arts curriculum at The University of Iowa, I chose to pursue additional training in media design. My interest in media design grew as I explored digital rendering for costumes and slowly immersed myself into the technology that can be in costumes, in addition to the world of digital character design. My growing interest led me to take the Installations course offered, which explored using the media server Isadora to creative interactive installations that used digital media. My exploration into this software, and new type of performance, opened a world of possibilities to me and really helped me solidify my interest in digital media.

In this class, one of our projects was to create an installation that moved beyond art for art sake and prompt a discussion on the political and social climate of our nation. For this project, I, along with my collaborator Courtney Gaston, created a single user experience which placed the user at a messy desk that had a computer displaying a Facebook fed. The desk was surrounded by 3 walls that functioned as rear projection screens. Projected on the walls were windows in which a video loop of the day turning into night played. As the user scrolled through the Facebook feed, full of curated politically charged content, specific points in the feed would trigger the video of the day and night transition to speed up as well as the ticking of a clock, representing the amount of hours we as a society loss to the endless jargon and propaganda that lines social media. As the user would become further engrossed in the feed and by the lost time, there would be a trigger deep in the feed that sent the computer into a glitch-induced shutdown, and transported the user into an open field, projected on the walls and stop the clock and begin playing soft outdoors sounds, before fading to black and ending the experience.

Overall, this project not only taught me how to use the software Isadora, but also taught me how to effectively engage with a user and create a clear narrative experience without having to provide directions. This project also gave me the privilege to see user reactions to the installation and see the body posture change in every user as they went from being closed off and hunched in front of a screen, to leaning back and opening themselves to nature.

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