The General Idea


dance collaboration



Production Team

Collaborators: Meredith Stapleton, Eduard Forehand, Ailey Picasso, Jin Zhou, Will Borich

Stage Manager: Alex Bush

Costume Design: Meredith Stapleton, Eduard Forehand, Ailey Picasso, Jin Zhou, Will Borich

Lighting Design: Will Borich

Sound Design: Meredith Stapleton, Eduard Forehand, Ailey Picasso, Jin Zhou, Will Borich


Space Place

Production Type

Class Project


Fall 2018

Budget for this Design Area


Comments by the Designer

The culmination of an entire semesters Collaborative Performance class, The General Idea was devised by three MFA choreographers, a PHD student in music composition, and myself. The production was composed of different dance installations that our class constructed throughout the university. The installations that I created with my fellow collaborators included a short performance in a dark spooky hallway that utilized a slow pulsing strobe light to mimic the emotion of the paintings of Jack Vettriano. Another installation collaboration between myself and another was lounging with inflatable unicorn innertubes in the pond next to Art Building West while loudly listening to Jimmy Buffet and the Zac Brown Band.

My main contribution to the collaborative process was showing my peers some of the basics of stagecraft, including tying knots and coiling cable. The goal was to give the performers a new appreciation for those working behind the scenes and to demonstrate that those stagehands are also performers in their own regard. To add to this, I decided to design and perform the lighting live along with each performance every night (known as “busking”).

The challenge of the production was then taking all of this work that we had designed for other environments and transplanting them into Space Place theater for our concert. The inflatable unicorn innertubes served as properties and scenery throughout the duration of the performance, and we adapted the use of water into a beach theme for the concert. Conveying the sense of anticipation and horror from the Jack Vettriano strobe light installation in the wide-open stage of Space Place theater that we originally achieved in a narrow dark hallway presented two challenges. The first was having to use different lighting equipment, which I was able to be successful with. The second was re-creating the sense of claustrophobia that we originally had from the original location of our installation. We accommodated this by compressing all of the action in that vignette far stage left so as to create a sense of visual imbalance and unease to the audience.

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