Kristen Greenridge

Production Team

Director: Tlaloc Rivas

Scenic Designer: Nic Wilson

Costume Designer: Nicole Ooi

Lighting Designer: Kevin Dudley

Stage Manager: Katy Karas


Theatre B

Production Type



Spring 2016

Budget for this Design Area


Comments by the Designer

From the onset, the team behind Baltimore wanted this to be statement piece addressing the fact that people do not deal with issues when confronted. This script deals a lot with the absence of dialogue that is happening specifically focusing on race issues on college campuses. Knowing that we wanted Baltimore to make a statement, I designed it more like an interactive installation piece. Using empty chairs stacked onstage and hung throughout the space to symbolize the absence of dialogue and human interaction as well as a large, angled mirror wall to challenge the way the audience would look at the actors, the projections on stage as well as themselves were the main focus of this design. Actors never left the stage but sat on the far left and right observing the action in front of them. Specific locations and times during the day were indicated by an overhead projector and then each actor would enter the playing space which was defined by the white board from the door which doubled as a projection surface.

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Copyright 2016 Nic Wilson

Additional Files

c1-nywilsn-baltimore.jpg (113 kB)
VectorWorks Scenic Rendering

c2-nywilsn-baltimore.jpg (147 kB)
Highlighting Mirror and Chair Structure

c3-nywilsn-baltimore.jpg (99 kB)
Principal's Office

c4-nywilsn-baltimore.jpg (136 kB)
Actor and Projection Interaction

c5-nywilsn-baltimore.jpg (111 kB)
Use of Mirrors to Distort Views