Lynn Nottage

Production Team

Director: Sarah Lacy Hamilton

Scenic Designer: Courtney Gaston

Costume Designer: Loyce Arthur

Makeup Designer: Zamora Simmons

Lighting Designer: Nick Coso

Media Designer: Kim Fain

Sound Designer: Harry Daley-Young

Intimacy Choreographer: Erica Vannon

Fight Choreographer: Jason Tipsword

Dramaturg: Morgan Grambo

Stage Manager: Alexis Hinman


David Thayer Theatre

Production Type

Main Stage


Fall 2019

Budget for this Design Area


Comments by the Designer

What I learned from this experience is that testing is important, especially when it comes to temporary tattoos. We did various tattoo application, removal and cover-up options before testing on the actor. For instance, one method of application used in the testing process was tattoo transfer stencil paper. The challenges of this method are in the coverup and removal process. If it is covered up with concealer and removed the ink of the tattoo would fade too much. Also, the ink stains the skin, so complete removal would take a lot more time than we had for transitions.

From this methodical process, we had an idea of what advantages and disadvantages there were with each method on actors’ similar skin complexions and skin types. It was important to do early testing as the tattoos had to be removed and reapplied in less than 30 seconds. Figuring out the method of application and removal prior to technical rehearsals helped immensely. Clearly, printable temporary tattoo paper and ready-made temporary tattoos were the best options as it allowed for quick application and removal to achieve the desired tattooed skin.

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