Margot Connolly

Production Team

Director: Morgan Grambo Scenic Design: Lindsey LaRissa Kuhn Costume Design: Zamora Simmons Lighting Design: Courtney Gaston Sound Design: Bri Atwood


Theatre B


Spring 2018

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Comments by the Designer

Found by Margot Connolly is a new work which premiered as part of the Gallery Series for the 2017-2018 season. Inspired by the stories of siblings who were left behind in the wake of a kidnapped and/or murdered child, Found picks up on the lives of two women who’s sibling disappeared over a decade ago. Highlighting the grief which comes from being left with no answers to a devastating life event, this play explores how this trauma impacts siblings differently, and the different ways in which they cope in order to be “found”. The impetus for the scenic design of Found was the need to express two explicit locations—the first being the modern-day apartment of the two surviving sisters, and the second being flashbacks to the suburban wooded area where their sibling disappeared one fateful night. The apartment, although functional in its purpose, is a hollow and disjointed place, which inspired me to use pallets to mimic the feel of a stud wall on a minimal budget. Using pallets also allowed for the space to transform when backlit, giving the impression of being lost in the woods. The mood of the set changes under lights when the palettes are back lit, allowing the audience to key into the feelings of the women as they felt when they were children who were frightened on the night their sister disappeared.

Found was an experiment in creating a stylized space with minimal resources with a script that calls for both realism and flashback sequences to a different emotional state. My budget was less than $100, and the money that was spent was used for consumable goods. In sourcing pallets for the walls of this set, I had to be cognizant of where the material was coming from as we had to ensure the safety of the cast and crew. The construction of the pallet walls was informed by how the walls pieced together and the rigging that were able to achieve in the space.

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