Cowboy Mouth


Hayley Ryan


Sam Shepherd and Patti Smith

Production Team

Director: Taylor Edelle Stuart Scenic Design: Ruben Lebron Villegas Costume Design: Hayley Ryan Lighting Design: Hiram Alexander Orozco Sound Design: Taylor Edelle Stuart Stage Manager: Tim Mizones


Theatre B


Fall 2015

Comments by the Designer

Cowboy Mouth is a love story written by Sam Shepherd and Patti Smith. Love develops between two rock and roll artists Slim and Cavale. Together, they act out fantasies while high on drugs. At the climax of the play, a food deliveryman shows up at their door. Slim and Cavale hallucinate him to be the Lobster Man.

This design was one of my first at the University of Iowa. I wanted to highlight the rock and roll and drug infused state of Slim and Cavale by dressing them in torn up and bleached clothing. I wanted the characters to look like they had not washed their clothes or taken care of themselves for a long time This sentiment is also mimicked in the cluttered motel room that they live in. The most exciting aspect of this design was creating the Lobster Man. I wished to highlight the fact that the Lobsterman is a drug hallucination of a real deliveryman that shows up at their motel door. I dressed the man in a sweatshirt and pants that a delivery person might wear. I created the notion of a lobster through the color and by added antenna, claws, and eyes.

Overall, I strived for an air of realism in Slim and Cavale by dressing them in distressed clothing to suggest their disorganized lives.. At the same time, I wanted to show the realism in the Lobster Man while also emphasizing Slim and Cavale’s drug infused hallucination, by having a casual outfit with iconic lobster features.

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