I Am Pretty Bird


Akeem Celestine


Leigh M. Marshall

Production Team

Director: Bo Frazier Costume Design: Akeem Celestine Lighting Design: Emily Haywood Projection Design: Brian Canchola and Marc Macaranas Stage Manager: Alexis Vaselopulos


Site Specific


Spring 2018

Comments by the Designer

I Am Pretty Bird is a new work written by University of Iowa playwright Leigh M. Marshall. The play premiered in 2018 as part of the Iowa New Play Festival. I Am Pretty Bird is a play that centers around a night with Pretty Bird. She comes out to play at night and she is hungry. She dives into topics such as death, desire, and the dangers facing women in 2018.

When meeting with the director and playwright, I was shocked by the request for an Alexander McQueen, inspired gown that could incorporate leather and lace with a detachable set of wings. This was an amazing show to be a part of because I was able to go back to my roots in evening wear. The elegance of the black statin overskirt paired with a leather and lace fingertip length sheath dress with match center back bow. The wings were made from newspaper prints and combined with raven feathers. The wings took two hours to craft and was no cost to the production. The newspaper was left over stacks thrown into the recycling bins on campus.

Overall, the elements of design came together nicely. I was so happy to see this costume move effectively when combined with the movement.

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