Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again


Akeem Celestine


Alice Birch

Production Team

Director: Lila Rachel Becker Scenic Design: Lindsey LaRissa Kuhn Costume Design: Akeem Celestine Lighting Design: Courtney Gaston Sound Design: Eric Marlin Stage Manager: AJ Near


Theatre B


Fall 2018

Comments by the Designer

Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. is an abstract play about the world, language, the working class and the human body. When looking at the script there are a series of scenes that have very little information about character, while some scenes are just dialogue. So, the question would be, how does costume designer design for characters that are not specified in a script?

The simple answer would be, I sat in on a couple of rehearsals to get an idea of who was saying what and how the actors were personifying the lines they were given. I focused on vocal tones and movement to help me design this production. I was able to be at rehearsal and watch the actors develop their characters which helped me develop the costumes for the characters of the play.

When talking with the director, they had a strong interest for the use of blood and utilitarian coveralls. I found ways to incorporate the overalls by styling pieces in an Avant Garde way. Fashion forward with a touch of utilitarian functionality.

Overall, the structure of this script gave me room to play and discover who these characters could become. I was then able to manipulate and change the characters the way I saw fit.

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