Compensation : theory, evidence, and strategic implications

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Foundations for organizational science


Revealing the impact of different compensation policies, this interdisciplinary volume examines: The relationship between performance-based pay and intrinsic motivation -- Implications of individual pay differentials for team or unit performance -- The consequences of pay for performance policies -- effect sizes and practical significance of compensation findings -- Directions for future research.; Introduction to the Series /; David A. Whetten --; Introduction: The Enigmas of Compensation --; Differences in Pay Level: Why Do Some Companies Pay More Than Others? --; A Tale of Two Markets --; The Case for Limited Discretion: Neoclassical Economic Theory --; Post-Institutional Economics: Theory Meets Reality --; Why It May "Pay" to Pay More --; The International Dimension --; Differences in Pay Levels for Particular Jobs --; Research on Pay Level Decision Making --; Effects of Pay Level: What Do Employers Get in Return for Higher Pay? --; Theories of the Importance of Pay to Individuals --; What Do Employers Get in Return for Higher Pay Levels? --; Pay Structure: Relative Pay Within Organizations --; The Role of Jobs and Job Evaluation in Pay Structure --; Theories of Differences in Pay Structure --; Work-Life Incentives --; Empirical Research on the Effects of Pay Structure --; Pay Basis: Theories of Motivation and Pay for Performance --; Effects of Pay and Motivational Programs on Performance: Meta-Analytic Results --; Theories of Pay-Performance Relationships --; Psychological Versus Economic Perspectives --; Workforce Composition, Sorting, and Personality-Based Theories --; Pay-for-Performance Programs: Empirical Evidence --; Broad Policy Decisions --; Putting It All Together: Empirical Evidence on Pay Programs --; Pay Strategy --; Strategic Fit and Alignment --; Beyond Generic Strategies: The Resource-Based View of the Firm --; Beyond Direct Earnings: Total Rewards --; Toward the Future --; Methodological Recommendations.

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