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Download Twenty Years of Sediment Work on the Colorado River by C. P. Vetter (3.0 MB)

Download Sediment Investigations for Missouri River Projects by D. C. Bondurant (373 KB)

Download The Technique and Application of Hydraulic Model Studies Involving Movable Beds by Ernest B. Lipscomb (1.8 MB)

Download The Transportation of Sand in Pipes by John P. Craven and Harry H. Ambrose (774 KB)

Download Sand Transport by Littoral Currents by J. W. Johnson (1.1 MB)

Download Wind-Tunnel Studies of the Movement of Sedimentary Material by A. W. Zingg (948 KB)

Download Some Effects of Suspended Sediment on Flow Characteristics by Vito A. Vanoni (827 KB)

Download Relation of Suspended-Sediment Concentration To Channel Scour and Fill by Luna B. Leopold and Thomas Maddock, Jr. (757 KB)

Download Observations on the Nature of Scour by Emmett M. Laursen (737 KB)

Download Deposition at the Heads of Reservoirs by Alfred S. Harrison (1.4 MB)

Download The Transportation and Deposition of Sediments in Estuaries by C. F. Wicker (424 KB)

Download Effect of Shape on the Fall Velocity of Gravel Particles by Maurice L. Albertson (790 KB)

Download The Measurement of Total Sediment Load in Alluvial Streams by P. C. Benedict and D. Q. Matejka (2.2 MB)

Download An Instrument for Rapid Size-Frequency Analysis of Sediment by David W. Appel and Back Matter (741 KB)



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