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Download The Role of Theoretical Prediction in Fluid Mechanics by Louis Landweber (456 KB)

Download Evaporation Suppression in Laboratory and Field by G. Earl Harbeck, Jr. (236 KB)

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Download Verification Problems in Paper Making by Charles A. Lamb (1.8 MB)

Download Water Impact Loads on Prismatic Bodies by Melvin E. Hathaway (756 KB)

Download Model and Prototype Stilling Basins by James W. Ball (4.3 MB)

Download Some Random Thoughts on Research -- Possibly Irreverent by Manley St. Denis (258 KB)

Download Field Verification of Model Tests on Flow Through Highway Bridges and Culverts by Carl F. Izzard and Joseph N. Bradley (2.0 MB)

Download Model-Prototype Relations in the Study of Cable-Towed Body Systems by W. M. Ellsworth (2.9 MB)

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