Volume 28, Number 1 (2010)
Double Issue

Numbers One/Two Summer/Fall 2010

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About This Image

A photograph by Theona Peck Harris of "John Burroughs reading Leaves of Grass by Whitman" (so inscribed on the back of the photo). Burroughs (1836-1917) was Whitman's close friend and disciple as well as one of America's great nature writers. In this photo, he appears to be reading the 1892 "Deathbed edition" of Leaves, open to "Song of the Open Road," pp. 124-125. Harris's photograph was the basis for the frontispiece in Clara Barrus's Our Friend John Burroughs (1914). The photo, along with two others of Burroughs reading Leaves, is part of the Glenn Schaeffer Walt Whitman Collection, University of Iowa Libraries Special Collections.

Ed Folsom, The University of Iowa
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