Volume 36, Number 4 (2019)

Number Four Spring 2019

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Whitman at 200: Art and Democracy, a project involving multiple events in the Philadelphia and Camden areas during the Whitman Bicentennial. See the Gallery of Bicentennial Events, pp. 279-349.


Ed Folsom, The University of Iowa

Associate Editor

Stephanie M. Blalock, The University of Iowa

Editorial Board

Betsy Erkkila, Northwestern University

Walter Grünzweig, Universität Dortmund

M. Jimmie Killingsworth, Texas A&M University

Jerome Loving, Texas A&M University

Kenneth M. Price, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Michael Robertson, The College of New Jersey

M. Wynn Thomas, Swansea University

Managing Editor

Brandon James O'Neil, The University of Iowa

Founding Editorial Board Members

Gay Wilson Allen, New York University

Harold Aspiz, California State University, Long Beach

Roger Asselineau, Université de Paris—Sorbonne

Arthur Golden, City College, City University of New York

James E. Miller, Jr., University of Chicago